Welcome to ReelTronix!

Before I introduce myself I would like to take the time to explain what ReelTronix is.

Reeltronix are far more than 1-2 take up reels despite the logo work on each custom made box.  Please be advised that is
minimum order is for 2 or more reels.  These reels are available on Kickstarter for preorder.

Many of you analog enthusiasts have a vast collection of pre-recorded music that are stored on flimsy, often times
warped reels that are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This is why I took on this project over 6 years ago to create
solid beautiful reels.  

ReelTronix reels have been purchased by clients who wanted to store their pre-recorded music on reels that were
solid and would keep the tape centered. They found the black custom made boxes rather attractive when placed on their
shelves, library’s and however else they wished to keep them.

Reeltronix reels should be seen as an investment when it comes to your pre recorded music. When this was explained
to several potential buyers they were very pleased that someone finally came up with such a solid product. I can
truthfully say that I sold 200 plus reels between 6 clients and others purchased no less than 10 reels. The response I
received from each customer was beyond words and I was thrilled that I was able to create something like this as the
momentum remained steady. However due to my main business priorities I had to make a choice to let ReelTronix take a
hiatus unless these larger type orders still kept coming.

Some have asked if other plating options were available. There will be a 75.00 charge per real for other plating options.

I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. My wife and I are part owners of a family business that had been around for 50
years in San Francisco. The family business is what feeds the family where reeltronix is a part time venture and hobby
where I can design things on my own and watch them come to life. I’m also a bass player which I’ve been playing off and
on since I started at the age of 12 and I also play guitar. Looking back. I always excelled in music class, science and art so
in my opinion, designing these reels and coming up with a superior product I see where I get many abilities from.

I would love to see reeltronix not only be around for a long time but I would love to see it grow within this niche market.

Again Reeltronix reels are more than just a couple of reels. They are an investment in your pre recorded music and the

Sincerely yours,
Patrick Sinegal
You can see what's available on the market now vs
what I am producing. This is why you should buy
10 or more in all custom black boxes with custom
side bubble labeling available at no extra charge.
Compare the two above.  On the left is a 3M precision reel.  The right is a solid
straight  Reeltronix reel.
Wouldn't this look perfect with two Reeltronix reels such as the one on the right.
Side view of the Basics RT 001 reel  in two-tone black.